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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Until the referee blows for full-time, you are never beaten

Until the referee blows for full-time, United are never beaten.

That was the message from Sir Alex Ferguson after the Reds scored another late goal in Europe to wrestle advantage away from Lyon in United’s Champions League last 16 tie.“It was absolutely vital,” Sir Alex said of Carlos Tevez’s 87th-minute leveller. “Time and time again we rescue games or score late winners and it’s purely down to the players’ determination to do something about it.”

“We showed a lot of determination to try and get back into the game, We lost a goal out of nothing, really, but it showed the qualities of the boy Benzema. It was a marvellous strike but I thought we were in complete control at the time. Lyon’s goal knocked us back a bit and then they defended very well and made it difficult for us.”

Despite mounting pressure, the Reds struggled to create clear-cut chances until the United boss turned to the bench and introduced Tevez and Nani.“I thought Nani provided a real threat for us with his pace and crossing. And of course Carlos Tevez scored a great equaliser. We weren’t magnificent but it was a decent performance and I think we deserved the result. When you’re away from home and 1-0 down with a few minutes to play then you count your blessings when you get back into the match.”

“There was a real urgency from us to get back into the game and I think we’re at our best when we’re up against it,” added the Reds' manager. “It’s now a matter of getting a good performance at Old Trafford. We have a big advantage with the away goal and I’m sure there’ll be an electric atmosphere. We’re looking forward to the return leg.”

"Until the referee blows for full-time, you are never beaten... is the top attitude to have for every one in the team, players, coaches, board directors, fans... but if you are still beaten after the referee blows full-time, and gave 200% of yourselfs to try to win the game... be proud of your defeat because you gave all that you had and tried YOUR very best... just keep training for next match to improve your level." - Philippe De Ridder

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Rules for ultimate respect

"People make mistakes but, if they want to be part of this group, they will want to follow the rules. If someone doesn't, then we will analyse why the rules were broken and take the appropriate course of action"
A new era dawns for England’s golden generation under Fabio Capello

At Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid the players knew Fabio Capello as 'Mister', the name bequeathed to generations of managers in Italy and Spain by the British coaches who spread the game around the world.

In England itself, however, he will have another title. The players can call him 'Boss', leaving no doubt that the title is freighted with meaning. To the England football squad the Italian's iron word will henceforth be law.
And that, as we have learnt this week, means no wasting time with computer games, no strolling down to breakfast at whatever time suits the individual... (Richard Williams, Guardian)
"Respect, good players and intelligent club rules are the base of a wining team" - Philippe De Ridder