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Monday, 3 March 2008

The secret behind Wayne Rooney's goalscoring...

Wayne Rooney spends up to 10 hours a week in a flotation tank

The secret behind Wayne Rooney's goalscoring can be revealed ...he spends up to 10 hours a week in a flotation tank.

The Man United and England star installed the £4,000 water pod at his £1million mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire, at the suggestion of financee Coleen McLoughlin.
Pals claim his sessions resting in the salt solution have been responsible for reversing a run of injuries and poor play. He has since scored 12 goals in 26 appearances.
A friend of 22-year-old Rooney said: "At first Wayne wasn't exactly keen to try it out but he was desperate to get fit after spraining his ankle so he thought he'd give it a go.
"He noticed an immediate improvement in his condition and made his return to action a couple of weeks ahead of schedule." By Sean Hamilton Showbiz Editor 2/03/2008

" I can't agree with this article, the flotation tanks are a well know tool to help players relaxing and recovering from injuries (to a certain point) but certainly not the goalscoring secret of any football player. It would be too easy... 10 hours a week in the tank and here you go! you'll be the next top scorer of your league !!!
Come on, lets be realistic, there is only one way to become a goalscoring machine: Hard and smart work on the pitch !!! - trust me on this one. " - De ridder