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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


2009-2010 Another good football year for the CFT - Creative Football Training - method

The dream became reality for two young players who adopted the CFT for several years. ARNOR ANGELI, signed a two-year pro contract with STANDARD, the current premiership Belgian Jupiler League champion team and KENN VAN LIJSEBETH a two-year contract with FC Denderd, second division.

I'm glad to see how CFT has helped several youg belgian international players like MALANDA-ADJE Bernard playing now in OSC Lille (france) and TONINI Fabio (fc Dender) as well as ROSARIO SAPORITO transfered from RSC Anderlecht to Werder Breme (Germany) last year. A special mention to MORIAS ANDREA, U12 in RSCA Anderlecht, who is slowly but surely becoming a great value for his club.

Another special mention to HAROUN NADJIM from Germinal Beershot, Belgian premiership, for his fantastic pre-season preparation. Results speak for themselves: 3 games - 3 goals, one goal per game. His brother the Belgian A International HAROUN FARIS, who was part of the first team to use the CFT method, 14 years ago (LIONS SOCCER ACADEMY) scored 4 goals with Germinal Beershot last week. He's being pursued by a premiership French team.

This is a season where some other CFT players of great value will work very hard to come back to elite teams: DANIEL GERSHON who signed with RUSAS this year will prove he deserves to get back to elite championship, as well as NEGI BEN ALI.

A new CFT kid on the block to mention is: NICHOLAS ELLEFSON, 23 years old, Belgian/American born in Spain, 1.95 m tall central defender who can play defensive midfield and forward !!! - I believe he will do great in a few months, presently trying out for a premiership Belgian B team. Not forgetting JOSE-KELLY ZANZALA an unknown but talented U16 player player who will certainly surprise more than one elite club.

On top of managing 360 INDIA in Kolkata, Sanjoy Banerjee is working on building a 360 CFT center of excellence in the region of HALDIA. The CFT method was tested with success in 2005-2006 with the Kingfisher East Bengal A team lead by captain Baichung Buthia.
Last but not least... CFT could start in England.

I wish you all a great 2009-2010 season, full of success you deserve. - coach de Ridder

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