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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Increasing membership, BENFICA - 171.000

BENFICA in Portugal,
171.000 members!

In the past 25 years, football and business have done a giant step forward in the sports industry. Football club Marketing Directors started to investigate how to develop their membership potential more efficiently. These are the latest numbers put together by Futebol Finance, a Portuguese company:
  1. Benfica (171.000)
  2. Barcelona (163.000)
  3. Manchester United (151.000)
  4. Bayern Munich (146.000)
  5. FC Porto (115.000)
  6. International de puerto Allegre (100.000)
  7. Sporting Portugal (96.000)
  8. Real Madrid (92.000)
  9. River Plate (82.000)
  10. Shalke 04 (72.000)

Well, would you believe all these clubs started with only a few members... why have these clubs so many members compare to others?... food for thought.

Goodbye. - coach De Ridder

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Ridder, I am sure your disappearance from this blog at the end of 2009 has to do with you taking up professional duty in cal, and thus to stay clear of the gossip/news hungry Bengali sports journalists, but you might well have continued this blog, may be posting themes not related to your professional self?
In any case, look fwd to your photographs that we hear so much about in this blog, and some of the samples of your saxophone (do you have any idea that it has almost become a cliche in the running commentary of KEB matches to hear "and there is de Ridder, who likes to play his saxophone, wink at the journalists and has an artistic mind" lol) ;)"Art" is an exclusive fetish of the people who identify themselves as "Bengalis" ;)